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Nude Detect
Netspark state-of-the-art image processing technology to detect nudity, sexuality and pornography in photos.
Ensure protected user experience on your website

The Technology

NetSpark uses automatic identification technologies for the filtering of images on the Web, providing complete protection, particularly where there is not sufficient textual context to make a determination as to whether to allow or block the content.

The graphics engine is able to distinguish between images containing pornographic or mature content, someone wearing swimwear at the beach, swimwear or lingerie from an e-sales perspective, etc.

The NetSpark Comprehensive Classifier (NCCL)

NCCL combines parametric and non-parametric approaches: those based on patent pending advanced technical features unique to NetSpark, together with approaches representing the human perspective (such as segmentation) And Convolution Neural Networks. NetSpark has created a unique classifier made up of a distribution of all types of images in five visual departments, demonstrating the intensity of the problem. To create the classifier we used a wide sample of hundreds of thousands of images.

About Netspark

NetSpark's groundbreaking filtering solutions empower users to take control of their Internet experience, maintaining access to the abundant resources available online, while protecting users from inappropriate content.

With solutions available for Service Providers (ISPs, Mobile Carriers), Enterprise, Education, and End Users, as well as Custom Content Solutions designed to support the needs of site owners, NetSpark's suite of products delivers unparalleled levels of protection across all of our customer demographics.

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